Wednesday, March 16, 2011

goodbye, bou (auntie)!

March, 9th 2011 is my auntie's dead day. She was servix cancer stadium 4 and her cancer was spreaded to kidney. I got so shocked to hear that her disease got so severe. I received text from my sister and I need to go home but when I'm coming home my mom and lil sister were went to my auntie's home and my sister need to go to school for comitee meeting. shit! I got so angry, upset and sad when 9 o'clock I called by my mom that my auntie's was dead. I cried. guess what? my ex was entertain me. I'm lil entertained, thank you so much. My teardrops was dried in the funeral. I cried because I remember my dad's funeral. See you auntie, grandpa and papa, I miss you so much! These are the photos of my auntie's dead.

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