Monday, September 24, 2012

My name is THOMAN and I'm proud of it ;-)

Hello bloggers! Long time no see ;;> How r u? hopefully be fine. Now I wanna tell you about my name. Everytime I introduce my self like "Hi, my name is Thoman" and the strangers would like "huh? Tomat? (in Bahasa Indonesia is tomatoes) or Tomang (a place in Indonesia)" or many more that wouldn't be my name. Then I'll spell my name Tango-Hotel-Oscar-Mama-Alfa-November, then the strangers will say "Oh I thought Thoman was a boy". Ok that's familiar. Always happen. Yes I'm patient O:-)
I stiil proud of my name. That name given by my Ompung Doli (Opung Doli in Bataknese, Indonesian ethnic, in English its meaning is grandfather) that 100% agreed by my fahter. They really love "Thoman" and won't ever change it (my family told me because there's no one more agree even my mom). I love my grandfather and father so much so I love my name and really proud of it because well, be honest, you never hear it being other's name right? B-)

Well, here is my name. My name is THOMAN ok that's wrong spelling actually but that's written in my birth certificate clearly. The right spelling is TOMAN. TOMAN is a word from Bataknese language (my ethnic from Indonesia). The meaning is.............. polite, humble, pious, worthy, conventional, holy. HOW CAN I'M NOT PROUD OF IT?

That's the true meaning of my name. Not from a swimming athlete.......but I can be proud B-)

Not from a place but  I can be proud too because it's a place in Toledo, United States and it's beautiful. Not believe it? Here the evidence......

Not from the name of a fish..........I don't know I should be proud or not.........

Thank you so much for reading it. XOXO

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My PureGold

I never fall in love this hard before, I don't know what he did. Nothing to describe it and how much I love him. I got so many stories that I never have enough time and words to tell them. I just want you all to know that YOU REALLY GOT ME, Abraham Ariesta! <3

My Classmates

My class, XII IPS 4 was judged by other classes in XII IPS. They said my class was uncompact with the other classes. And there are so many gossips about my class. That's not true! You can't hate my class for untrue reasons. But actually it's my class and I just love it. Here is the pict of my classmates and the teacher.

Wedding Party Booth

On Febuary, 4th I came to Joanna's brother wedding party. I wore my red gawn and Abraham wore his red shirt. We're just such a sweet couple right? Hihi. I go there with a lot of my friends. And there's a wedding booth there. It's from KotakFoto! That's fun! Here are the picts. If you want to know more about KotakFoto you can klick the title of this post or visit their facebook in

PS: We're not the brides ;p

They're 10!

 I love heels so much! Why? Because a good shoes can bring you to a good place too. And heels was the greatest shoes ever! It makes girls sexy and pretty. You must be agree. And I love these heels so much. What do you think?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My 18th Birthday!

It's long time ago, March 25th exactly but I just can posting now. Sorry hihihi
I'm so happy on my 18th birthday because yeah my 17th was suck I just called it "shit17th" and I made a song about it. But my birthday this year was so amazing!!!
From the midnight I just see a movie, The Woman In Black with my boyfriend and he's the first people that say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to me and he kiss my cheek ;p
In the morning I got surprise from my sister, Norrika Theresia Sitio. She gave me a birthday cake and a heels. Wow that was so amazing. And next my boyfriend, Abraham Ariesta gave me a polaroid camera. OmG! That's so great I really surprised of it. An my lil sist, Sweety Live Yunita Sitio gave me a birthday scrappaper for me hihi. And in the afternoon my bestfriend, AnakBunda gave me a birthday cake. I'm so happy! This what I called "BIRTHDAY" even if I didn't get much money. But thank God for everything! THANKS A LOT ALL! And here are the picts
from my boyfriend

from my sister


from AnakBunda!

-Norrika Theresia Sitio
-Abraham Ariesta
-Sweety Live Yunita Sitio
-My Lovely MOM